Carbly News & Updates

Carbly Browser Extension Beta

April 23, 2021

Extension The Carbly Browser Extension is now available to all users for free during the beta testing period.

What is the Browser Extension?

The Carbly Browser extension allows you to speed up your workflow by having instant access to market data, anywhere you browse the web. This is especially useful at online auctions and wholesale marketplaces.

If the web page you're viewing has a VIN number on it, the extension will show you Carbly values for the vehicle. It's quick and easy to use.

How to do I get it?

Just visit the Carbly Browser Extension on the Google Chrome Store and get going immediately.

AutoCheck Summary Scores

April 22, 2021

If you're an AutoCheck user, you'll now see a vehicle score along with the range for similar vehicles directly on the appraisal screen. You can still click to view a full report, but the summary score will help speed up your vehicle evaluation at a glance.

NADA Official Used Car Guide® is now J.D. Power Values

March 25, 2021

J.D. Power Dealers and automotive professionals alike have been relying on J.D. Power data in the form of NADA Official Used Car GuideĀ® for years. J.D. Power, the owner of the NADA Official Used Car Guide, is changing the name to J.D. Power Values.

As a Carbly customer there is nothing you need to do, and there have not been any changes to your service or the data you know and trust; the only difference is the name, which you will soon see on the guidebook, in the app and on desktop.

Announcing Carbly for Teams

February 17, 2021

Teams Carbly for Teams allows dealers and their staff to collaborate seamlessly no matter where they are with shared vehicle lists, watchlists, notes and photos. Vehicles added to Carbly can be viewed by everyone else on the team. Anyone can comment as needed on value, condition, recon, lot status, deal flow and more.

Carbly for Teams is free for accounts that have mulitple users and gives dealers more flexibility to get all staff working together on the platform with different user types. Additonal full-access users can be added at discounted rates; these users can access market data and collaborate as needed on all vehicles in the system.

There is also now a Non-Appraisal user type; these users cannot access market data but can scan vehicles, use the shared vehicle lists and watchlists, add notes and photos, as well as view the activity feed.

The activity feed helps everyone on the team stay up to date effortlessly whether they're in the lanes, on the lot or sitting at their desk. Regardless of size or structure, indie dealers can increase efficiency and expedite workflows with all their staff on the same platform.

You can add additional users to your account by visiting the Settings page.

EDGE Pipeline Sale Run Lists for all Dealers

January 14, 2021

Carbly is pleased to announce that Auction Edge Pipeline sale run lists are now included free of charge for all users. In addition to Manheim, Manheim Express and OVE listings, dealers can now see full Pipeline auction sale listings in Carbly with their preferred market data for every vehicle.

If you'd like to add your local EDGE auction locations, edit your Auction Settings.