Carbly | Autoniq vs. Carbly on Manheim Market Report

Autoniq vs. Carbly on Manheim Market Report

Car dealers rely on market data to make money. As such it is imperative that the tools they use show correct and accurate information. It can be hard to make the switch to a newer, better or cheaper tool; how can you be sure that you can trust the data that they provide? Afterall, one bad buy could ruin your turn and cost you thousands.

MMR On Autoniq VIN Scanner

MMR on Auotniq

Let's take a look at this Toyota Highlander value on MMR, as featured in Autoniq:

  • In the Middle West region Autoniq shows an MMR wholesale value of $21,500 for 45K miles.
  • We can see that the average mileage for these is 37,184 and that their average condition is 3.9.
  • It's also important to note that MMR on Autoniq does not offer any retail values for our Highlander.

MMR on Carbly VIN Scanner

MMR on Carbly

Let's take a look at the same Toyota Highlander as shown in Carbly:

  • Carbly automically matches region to your zip so we are in the Midwest again and have the same 45K miles.
  • You will notice that for the same average condition Carbly also has $21,500 for the MMR wholesale value.
  • You will also see that Carbly shows the same 37,184 average miles.
  • Carbly takes it further though and has more data than Autoniq:
    • Usefully it also provides retail figures and the spread between wholesale and retail.
    • It also has a trend graph showing both wholesale and retail. This trend data provides valuable context to the MMR values that you see.

So, as you can see Carbly takes the data that you already trust and rely on and builds on it, adding valuable context with trend data and retail figues.

Not only does Carbly take the data one step further but it's also paired with a VIN scanner that can read VIN text as well we barcodes. Take a look at the video below to see how much time you could save if you didn't ever have to manually type VINs again.

Carbly VIN scanner offers the most competitive pricing in the market:

  • You can use it as a single book for only $49 per month. This price also includes free integration of your vehicle history account. (Tip: to maximize value on a budget, add Live Local Market for only $19 more.)
  • It is available as part of the MMR Essentials Bundle for $109 per month. This bundle also includes NADA Official Used Car Guide® and Live Local Market, as well as free integration of your vehicle history account.
  • If you need Kelley Blue Book® with your Manheim Market Report instead, MMR is featured in the KBB Essentials Bundle which is $109 per month and also includes Live Local Market. As always it is free to integrate your vehicle history account.
  • Manheim Market Report is included in both Pro Bundles as well. They also feature NADA Official Used Car Guide® or Kelley Blue Book® with Black Book®, Real Retail and Live Local Market for $199 per month. As always, this bundle includes free integration of your existing vehicle history account.
  • If you need all the data available, Manheim Market Report is featured in the Ultimate Bundle for $249 per month. This bundle also includes Kelley Blue Book®, Black Book®, NADA Official Used Car Guide®, Real Retail and Live Local Market as well as free vehicle history account integration.

If you have questions please reach out. Our customer service team are happy to help.

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