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Using CARFAX With Carbly VIN Scanner

Integrate Your CARFAX Account

CARFAX logoCarbly provides the best possible data to its users to ensure that they make the right decisions when buying in the lanes, negotiating trade-ins, setting retail prices or haggling with buyers. No appraisal should be complete without fully understanding the history of a specific vehicle though.

Serious dealers already know that having accurate vehicle history information is imperative; you need to avoid bad buys and you cannot appear foolish in front of well-informed customers either. Carbly understands this and has you covered. To make sure that you always have all the information you need as quickly as possible we offer free CARFAX account integration for our users. This means that appraisal and history data are in the same tool where they belong.

CARFAX in Appraisal Assistant

Once linked, your CARFAX account is seamlessly incorporated into the data so that you are always immediately aware about history status.

The summary section in the Appraisal Assistant indicates vehicle history status right at the top of the page so that you know if there is cause for concern or further inspection before you check any of the values from the books below.

Link your CARFAX in Carbly

Carbly also provides a full CARFAX summary card so that you can quickly see all the high level data points that you are accustomed to.

CARFAX full report

Clicking the link on the summary card will open a full CARFAX report so that you can look into a vehicle in detail.

Link your CARFAX in Carbly

Integrating your CARFAX account is extremely easy. Just enter your CARFAX third party integration credentials in the settings and decide whether you want to auto-run reports or pull them on-demand instead.

At Carbly we don't think that dealers should have to pay for vehicle history twice so, unlike our competitors, we never charge to integrate your CARFAX account.

With prices starting at $55 per month get the data you already know and trust without having to pay more to integrate your vehicle history account.

If you have questions about integrating your CARFAX account or would like to start a 14 day free trial just reach out.

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Appraisal screenshot
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