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Carbly is a modern vehicle appraisal and pricing tool that combines multiple data sources to give you all the wholesale, retail, local market, and vehicle history information you need to make more money buying and selling cars.

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Carbly is a subscription service for licensed auto dealers only. Available for iOS and Android and desktops.

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Carbly Pricing Guides: Black Book®, Manheim Market Report, Real Retail, CARFAX, NADA Official Used Car Guide®, Kelley Blue Book®, and Live Local Market

Accurate and Fast Vehicle Appraisals

Get market data (auction, wholesale and retail) from trusted sources like Manheim Market Report, Black Book®, NADA Official Used Car Guide® and J.D. Power. Vehicle history reports from providers, such as CARFAX. (requires an existing CARFAX account)

Stop Losing on Price to Local Competitors

See how much your competitors are listing similar vehicles for and gain valuable local market insights with Live Local Market. Getting squeezed by CarGurus? Carbly can help you zero in on the perfect price.

Make Faster, Smarter Decisions at Auction

No more slow and hard to use tools for determing values at dealer auction. Carbly uses modern technologies combined with a beautiful, easy-to-use experience that can help you make smarter decisions at the auction.

Affordable Pricing

Get the data you already trust and much, much more. Unlike many dealership software solutions, Carbly doesn't overcharge you and lock you into long-term contracts. We include a free trial and you can cancel at any time.

Carbly starts at just $49 per month.

Appraisal Features

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Amazingly Accurate Appraisals

By combining multiple sources of data, Carbly gets you real vehicle values quickly and simply.

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Data to Back It Up

Need to look into the details to really understand the market? Carbly shows you a wide range of pricing details to paint the full picture. Up-to-date book values, actual retail sale prices, wholesale values, days on market, price histories and projections in your pocket at all times.

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Text and Barcode VIN Scanner

Amazingly, the Carbly VIN scanner can read barcodes as well as text VINs. No more typing those tedious digits, just point your camera at a VIN and Carbly does the rest.

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Vehicle History Reports

Using an existing vehicle history reports login (such as CARFAX), Carbly shows you the full vehicle history. No extra charge.

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We are proud to be partners with Black Book®, Manheim Market Report, Real Retail (powered by J.D. Power), CARFAX and NADA Official Used Car Guide® and Live Local Market.
Live Local Market

Live Local Market

In addition to more traditional book values for wholesale and retail, Carbly surveys your local market and shows you live competitor inventory. See how many like vehicles are available in your market right now, their average asking price, average mileage, median days on lot and a mileage adjusted suggested retail price. This includes both Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) and Non-CPO vehicles.

Devise a pricing strategy using the Market Price Distribution Graph and the Trim Table that shows all available trims of that model and their average price.

Live Local Market is included in both the Essentials and Pro bundles.

Live Local Market

Available on the lot.

Or at your desk.

Carbly can be used on your mobile device or desktop computer, and your data stays in sync no matter where you are.

It just works.

Carbly desktop lets you drag and drop vehicles to keep then organized, easily copy-paste VIN numbers and vehicle data, and much, much more.

Customer Testimonials

Tom Walsh - Porsche Wilmington
"We deal in expensive cars and they can be fickle. It's imperative that we properly understand their value so that we are in them right. At this end of the market a bad buy could well mean a $5K loss. Carbly has all the data we need to make sure that don't make costly errors."
Tom Walsh
Porsche Wilmington
George Thielen - Mobile Used Car Inspections
"The core of my business is accurately appraising vehicles. I cannot afford to be wrong and Carbly does not let me down. With data from every point in the market I know that I'm always going to be right."
George Thielen
Mobile Used Car Inspections
Mike Runk - Wagner Subaru
"As a used car manager I have to make sure that I step up on trades to put the new car deals together but I also have to remain profitable as a department. Carbly provides all the market insight that I need to do that. The VIN text reader is a massive time saver too. It's so convenient to be able to scan VINs from documents that I have on my desk."
Mike Runk
Wagner Subaru

Download The Field Guide to Appraising Vehicles

We've captured our years of experience appraising vehicles in the field in this free 16 page guide. Whether you're new to the industry or have significant experience under your belt, you'll come away with a more complete understanding of the 4 main topics to consider when valuing a car. The document is aimed at dealers, financial institutions and the auto insurance industry and gives a good overview of how to accurately appraise cars and trucks.

The best part? It's free. Let us know your email and we'll send you a link to download the PDF.

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Great! Check your email for the download link.

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Want to appraise vehicles faster and more accurately?

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Download our free "Field Guide to Appraising Vehicles" to learn how to price and appraise vehicles more accurately in less time. We've distilled our years of experience down to a 16 page ebook that covers the 4 main areas you should be considering on every vehicle.