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Buying Wholesale Vehicles Online

While physical auctions are closed to dealers, online auctions are currently the only way to source inventory. When making the jump to buying online there are more options than dealers might be aware of.

Carbly Limited Plans Now Start at $25

Carbly VIN scanner is pleased to announce new $25 plans that offer greater flexibility and value to car dealers.

Coronavirus and Your Dealership - Changes and Process

Social distancing means that dealers need to adapt to continue serving their customers.

Coronavirus = An Opportunity To Improve Your Dealership

Every dealer has a list of improvements to be made to their business or facility. Reduced floor traffic brought on by COVID-19 is the perfect opportunity to focus on those projects.

Make Sure Your Business Survives The Coronavirus

The restrictions and social distancing in place during the coronavirus are making it extremely difficult, if not impossible, to conduct business as normal. It's important to be proactive to ensure the survuval of your business.

Auction Run Lists On Carbly VIN Scanner

Carbly VIN Scanner Manheim, OVE & Express auction run lists make sourcing easier.

Online Auction Simulcast Buying Tips

Lots of dealers have been attending auctions exclusively in person. Use these tips to get comforatable participating in simulcast sales and buying online.

CARFAX And Carbly VIN Scanner

Integrate your CARFAX account into Carbly VIN Scanner to further enhance your data and save time.

Kelley Blue Book® Now Available On Carbly VIN Scanner

Carbly VIN scanner is pleased to announce that Kelley Blue Book® is now available, allowing you to pair the Kelley Blue Book data you know and trust with with Carbly's VIN scanner and user-friendly software.

How To Handle Trade-In Negotiations

The trade-in negotiation is still one of the most contentious interactions between dealers and customers. Navigating this successfully is the key to putting more deals together and better referrals.

OCR VIN Scanner

Use OCR VIN scanner instead of manually entering VINs.

Real Retail Data for Buying & Selling Vehicles

Real Retail supplies data from approximately 3 million transactions, from almost 50% of the dealers in the US. It takes you behind the scenes, showing what retail prices are really being achieved after the deals have been negotiated with customers.

Know Your Retail Market

When buying and selling a successful dealer doesn't rely on guide book values alone; they also make sure that they properly understand their retail market. Failing to do so can result in poor buys and costly errors. Carbly offers extremely detailed and robust data for your live local retail market.

The Importance of Historical Comps When Pricing

You will often hear people in the trade tell you that they simply follow the prices in their local market. That works if everyone else in your market can be trusted to price their inventory correctly; if not, you're allowing an unskilled individual to negatively impact your ability to make money.

What is Diminished Value?

Put simply, diminished value is a state in which a vehicle suffers a loss in value as a result of an accident or damage, despite correct repair work having been completed. When compared to a similar model with a clean history, a vehicle with a bad...

Manheim Market Report And Carbly VIN Scanner

See how your trusted Manheim Market Report data fits into Carbly VIN scanner.

J.D. Power Values (formerly NADA) - Use and Features

See how your trusted J.D. Power Values (formerly NADA) data fits into the Carbly VIN scanner.

The Increasing Importance of Vehicle History

When appraising vehicles there is no shortage of data and reference points these days. They all have their uses and should not be overlooked but before you get too far into the process, you should start by examining a vehicle history report.

Autoniq vs. Carbly on Manheim Market Report

Car dealers rely on market data to make money. As such it is imperative that the tools they use show correct and accurate information.

Market Day Supply: Why it Matters

Learn how to take advantage of this critical factor to buy and sell cars more accurately.

Why Used Car Market Trends Are So Important When Appraising

If you're serious about fully exploiting opportunities for profit when buying and selling vehicles, you'll already know that you need multiple data points for complete insight when appraising and pricing. Accurate appraisal requires a nuanced approach that cannot be achieved when only consulting a single source.

Black Book® And Carbly VIN Scanner

See how your trusted Black Book® data fits into the Carbly VIN scanner.

Carbly vs. Autoniq: Pricing Tools for Dealers

Carbly is the most powerful, easy to use and affordable vehicle appraisal app available. Giving live market data for new and used cars, Carbly helps dealers make better buy and sell decisions immediately.

5 Common Dealership Mistakes When Appraising Cars

Buying or selling a vehicle at the right price can be a challenging process, and it all starts with determining what you think is a fair (and profitable) price. Except in very rare scenarios, the appraisal process starts with looking at book values...

Carbly vs. Laser Appraiser

Laser Appraiser is another mobile appraisal app for car dealers. To the casual observer it might seem very similar to Carbly but there are actually quite a few things that set them apart.

Try Carbly when your Autoniq VIN scanner is not working

Carbly offers an alternative when your Autoniq VIN scanner is not working due to a service outage.

A VIN Viper Alternative

VIN Viper was an incredibly popular and broadly used tool before the business closed a couple of years ago. It's easy to see the reason for their popularity. They provided a useful feature set for much less than other available tools. Let's look at...

A Guide to More Accurate Vehicle Appraisals

Whether you're determining the highest price to pay for a vehicle or understanding what you should accept as a floor for offers, finding out the true value of a car or truck can be a complicated business.

Want to appraise vehicles faster and more accurately?

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Download our free "Field Guide to Appraising Vehicles" to learn how to price and appraise vehicles more accurately in less time. We've distilled our years of experience down to a 16 page ebook that covers the 4 main areas you should be considering on every vehicle.