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Market Tracker

Market Tracker on the Carbly® Platform

Market Tracker offers a comprehensive set of tools that provide auto dealers with unparalleled visibility into inventory and vehicle sales performance. By harnessing the power of data-driven intelligence, dealers can make informed decisions, optimize their operations, and maximize profitability. Market Tracker is currently available for Carbly desktop, coming soon to the Carbly mobile app.

Key insights that we provide:

  • Region-wide averages by dealer
  • Ranked list of the lowest and highest supplied vehicles compared to their typical supply
  • Dealer rankings (who is selling the most and who turns cars the fastest)
  • Most in-demand vehicles in your region
  • Model-specific research. Check inventory levels average turn and price changes for a specific model (or model year)

Pair the Market Tracker data you trust and rely on with the user-friendly Carbly VIN scanner.

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Local Supply Levels Analysis

Know what models are currently over or under supplied near you

Understanding the market temperature for a given vehicle is a key driver when selecting inventory for your lot. Market Tracker provides a clear view of the supply levels for each model in your area, so you can make informed decisions about what to buy or avoid, how to price units and when to make adjustments.

Ranked list of most under and over supplied vehicles
Click the model name to view all vehicles for sale: price, price changes, dealer name, and days on lot
See how many vehicles are usually for sale, and who has the most.
Trend line for each model, showing inventory levels over the last 7 weeks
Market Tracker - Simple View

Competitive Analysis

How does your dealership stack up against the competition? Market Tracker enables dealers to measure their performance against competitors in the area. By benchmarking key metrics such as the number of vehicles sold, days-on-lot, and lot value, dealers gain valuable insights and identify areas for improvement, ultimately boosting their competitiveness.

Ranked list of dealers in your area over the last 60 days. Show independents only, franchise only, or all dealers.
Shows number of vehicles sold, average days on lot, lot size, and lot value.
Market Tracker - Adjustments View

Vehicle Performance

Market Tracker provides a comprehensive view of the performance of each vehicle in your area. By analyzing key metrics such as price changes, days on lot, and demand score, dealers can make informed decisions about what to buy and what to avoid.

See a ranked list of the highest selling, fastest selling, and most in-demand vehicles in your region.
The Carbly Demand Score combines the number of vehicles sold with days on lot to indicate how hot a vehicle is in your market.
Market Tracker - Simple View

Model (And Year) Specific Research

Take a data-driven approach to inventory pricing and sale strategy with historical sales trends, supply trends and expected turn time for specific vehicles. Market Tracker also shows the performance of a vehicle as it ages so you can always make sure you are correctly responding to market changes while maximizing profit per unit.

See which dealer has the most inventory for a model near you.
Grouped sales volume by days on lot.
Choose a model year to see simlar data limited to that year.
Inventory, usual inventory, average turn, number sold, and demand score.
Local number of vehicles available over time.
Average number of price changes and price change amounts.
Market Tracker - Simple View

One tool. All the data you need.

Combine Data Sources for a Complete Snapshot

Tired of referencing multiple accounts and platforms? Accurately and quickly appraise vehicles in a single tool containing all the data points you need.

Use this powerful information to reliably predict true margin before you buy at wholesale and to negotiate sales from an informed position so you don't ever leave money on the table again.

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Never Type a VIN Number Again

Best-in-class VIN Scanner with instant Market Tracker vehicle appraisal data

Use your camera to automatically find VIN numbers in printed text, handwriting, screens or the vehicle's barcode or dashboard. Instantly load configuration, trim, appraisal, and integrated history reports.

Vin Scanner with OCR & Text OCR & Text

Find VIN numbers in a sea of text, whether from printed paper, emails, texts and more.

VIN Scanner for Barcodes and Dashboards Barcodes & Dashboards

Quickly and accurately get a vehicle's details from a VIN barcode. Effortless.

VIN Copy and Paste Clipboard Import

The Carbly app detects when you have copied a VIN to your clipboard, and will automatically prompt you to run an appraisal.

VIN Scanner or iOS and Android iOS & Android

Carbly is currently available for both iOS and Android, for licensed auto dealers only.

Common Questions | Market Tracker & Carbly

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Real Dealers, Real Results

Helping dealers make more informed decisions and more profit per transaction.

Carbly is the best yet

"I've used all the VIN scanners over the years. Carbly is the best yet. It's fast, accurate, easy to use and lets me add unlimited folders, notes and photos. Their support team has always been quick to answer my questions too."

Troy Blackmon Deridder Auto Auction
Keeps us profitable in a competitive market

"We are a large vehicle wholesaler with a sizable inventory. Margins are slim so we have to closely monitor the market for changes. Carbly's data-rich platform and Appraisal Assistant keep us profitable in an extremely competitive and fluid market."

Grant Eriksen Auto Sails Inc
More information for less money

"Great value. Tons of information. I have used Autoniq, Laser Appraiser. Vin Viper. Carbly gives me more information for less money and MUCH better customer service."

Lance VanDyke By The Book Auto Brokers, Inc
Can read text as well as barcodes

"I left Autoniq over a billing dispute which ended up being a blessing in disguise. The VIN scanner on Carbly is so much better; it can read text as well as barcodes. They also have NADA VIN Precision+ which has better trim and build data."

Ken Shepard Cars R Us Omg
Massive time saver

"As a used car manager I have to make sure that I step up on trades to put the new car deals together but I also have to remain profitable as a department. Carbly provides all the market insight that I need to do that. The VIN text reader is a massive time saver too."

Mike Runk Wagner Subaru
Carbly does not let me down

"The core of my business is accurately appraising vehicles. I cannot afford to be wrong and Carbly does not let me down. With data from every point in the market I know that I'm always going to be right."

George Thielen Mobile Used Car Inspections

Want to appraise vehicles faster and more accurately?

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Download our free "Field Guide to Appraising Vehicles" to learn how to price and appraise vehicles more accurately in less time. We've distilled our years of experience down to a 16 page ebook that covers the 4 main areas you should be considering on every vehicle.