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Transform your vehicle sourcing strategy finding and evaluating the best vehicles from over 300 auctions and digital marketplaces across the country. With unlimited saved searches and a single, unified experience - Auctions Plus is the only tool you need to find the best vehicles at auction.

Carbly pays for itself; save massive amounts of time every week while maximizing profit on every transaction.

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Auctions Plus

Auctions Plus allows you to create Unlimited Saved Searches that will automatically search 300+ auctions and online marketplaces for the exact vehicles or criteria you specify. It's like sourcing on autopilot!

Save huge amounts of time by finding the perfect vehicles for your lot. Instantly search sale inventories from Manheim, Adesa, EDGE Pipeline, SmartAuction, OVE, Manheim Express, Auction Central, EDGE.Auction, and EBlock - all on one screen and through a single search.

Here are just a few of the premium features you'll love...

Unlimited Saved Searches

Save valuable time by setting up saved searches for any combination of price range, age, mileages and type of vehicle; then receive updated results every time those vehicles appear at auction. Unlimited Saved Searches mean that you can run broad searches for a particular vehicle segment or get extremely granular and search for a very specific vehicle that meets your needs.

Search by Wholesale & Retail Price

Leverage Carbly's Estimated Auction Sale Price and Estimated Retail Price to quickly search and sort vehicles based on your desired spend and what vehicles are expected to sell for at retail.

Search by Profit Potential

Customize the Carbly Profit Calculator to reflect your own CR score based recon, auction fees, transport, other miscellaneous costs, desired profit and retail price estimates; so you can quickly target viable units instead of wasting time looking at vehicles that don't suit your business model.

Search by VIN & Buy it Now

Need to determine if a specific vehicle is at auction? Auctions Plus allows you to enter a VIN and search auctions nationwide for a single vehicle.
You can combine price estimates and profit potential with "Buy it Now" so you can avoid a bidding war by snapping up the vehicles that are expected to turn a healthy profit.

Search with your Team

Work together to find the most profitable vehicles for your dealership. With Auctions Plus, you can share saved searches and a watchlist with everyone on your team.
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Auction Search Features in Carbly

Looking for a particular model or trim? Simply want to browse upcoming inventory? With Auctions Plus, you can search, sort and filter vehicles, view upcoming run lists, organize your vehicles into watchlists and folders, and quickly see market pricing data for each auction listing.

With all this information at your fingertips you can be confident that you'll have the edge on your competition in the lanes.

Wholesale icon

Browse Run Lists by Lane

Preparing for auction can be quite the task. Competition for vehicles in the lanes is strong so it's important to be well prepared. Carbly makes the preparation easy. View every upcoming Edge Pipeline, SmartAuction, EBlock, ADESA, Auction Central, Manheim, OVE and Manheim Express listing in full detail with all of your trusted market data on the same page.

Local icon

Search by Distance

While you can set your preferred auction locations and digital sales, Carbly also allows you to search for all auction vehicles by distance. Use this feature to understand which new auctions you can visit, or get a sense of upcoming auction volume for a particular vehicle, in your area.

Details icon

Search by Year, Make, Model, Trim, Mileage & Details

Optimize your inventory mix by searching for vehicles by segment or body type and with parameters like drivetrain, transmission, interior/exterior colors, mileage and the newly improved year, make, model and trim drill-down - you can find the exact vehicles you're looking for.

CR Score icon

Search by Condition Report Score

Limit your search results to exclude vehicles in poor condition or hunt for diamonds in the rough - with CR Score filters, you can find vehicles that meet your needs.

Watchlist icon

Watchlist the gems

Further narrow down your target vehicles by putting them on a watchlist as you discover them. This process allows your to conduct further research to make sure it's the right fit.

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Expand Your Horizons

In addition to searching for vehicles and browsing run lists at the auctions you frequently attend, Carbly offers you a powerful new alternative to broadening your search for the best vehicles.

With Auctions Plus, you can search by distance from your zip code, allowing you to sift through all available inventory in your area, independent of the auction.

Use this strategy to discover new vehicles and auctions that suit your needs. With the Profit Calculator's shipping estimates, you can now factor in the cost of bidding at auctions that aren't in your area, but have the vehicles you're looking for.

Auctions Plus gives you the ability to use both approaches, depending on your needs.

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Maximize your Profit

We've added a Profit Calculator that's available everywhere you need it - whether taking a trade or in the lanes, you can always understand how to make every vehicle purchase profitable.

Lock in numbers for your wholesale purchase, target retail or desired profit to work out the right price for every vehicle and understand all your costs before ever placing a bid.

Set your default recon costs per CR Score, standard auction fees and transportation cost by mile in your settings. We'll do the hard work of crunching these numbers on every vehicle you scan for an appraisal and every vehicle you search in auctions.

Need to do some quick math while you're at the sale? No problem! We've added the calculator on your homepage, where you can enter any values you need - so you're always making the best decisions.

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Search Options

Auctions Plus gives dealers an incredibly powerful set of search parameters to help find exactly the right vehicle.

Estimated wholesale price
Estimated retail price
Minimum estimated profit
Vehicle type
Minimum model year
Maximum model year
Minimum mileage
Maximum mileage
Exterior color
Interior color
CR score
Minimum Buy it Now price
Maximum Buy it Now price
VIN number
Auction locations
Distance from zip code
Digital sales

Example Saved Searches

While the options are endless, here are a few examples of how you can use Auctions Plus to find the right inventory for your lot.

"Honda Civics with profit over $3,000"

"Buy it Now Price Under $15k"

"EVs within 200 miles from Denver"

"Ford Explorers under $20,000"

"AWD SUVs with a manual transmission"

"Silver trucks with a CR score over 4 and mileage over 60,000"

"Audi A4 Prestige Trim under 30,000 miles"

"Convertibles at my home auctions"

"Porsche 911s older than 1999 nationwide"

"Red Nissan Sentras at Manheim Ohio"

...and just about anything else you can imagine.
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