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Carbly combines leading market data with intuitive design to help you value a vehicle quickly and accurately.

Better data. Better appraisals.

Carbly combines all of the appraisal information and tools you need into one place. Having reliable valuation and vehicle history tools means you can make better decisions, whether you're buying or selling cars.

Carbly will pay for itself when it helps you avoid one or two bad purchases or sales a year.

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Live, Accurate Vehicle Pricing

Up-to-date book values, wholesale prices, retail prices, market days supply, price histories and projections and much more in your pocket at all times.

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Actual Retail Sale Prices

View actual retail sale prices to know what customers are willing to pay for each vehicle, as well as dealership profits and losses at those prices. Cross-check that against wholesale book values to understand profit potential.

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Fast and Accurate VIN Scanner

The built-in VIN scanner quickly and accurately identifies VIN numbers from a block of text (and even handwriting) as well as scans barcodes to make the appraisal process incredibly quick.

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Integrated World Class Data Providers

One data source is not enough. To provide full market insights, we've partnered with Black Book®, NADA Official Used Car Guide®, Manheim Market Report, J.D. Power PIN and CARFAX to deliver timely, accurate vehicle pricing information to help reduce costly mistakes and increase profits. This is data you can trust.

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Cloud Data Syncing

Your vehicle appraisals appear on all of your devices. Just log in and get going.

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Vehicle History Reports

Using your exising CARFAX login, quickly see the vehicle history report.

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Intuitive and Easy to Use

We take a large amount of complex data and distill it down for easy consumption. This means faster, more accurate decisions about vehicle pricing and inventory forecasting. Carbly is available for iOS and Android.

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Simple view

Simple When You Want It

Carbly quickly gives you snapshot information about a vehicle's value, enabling you to make quick decisions.

In addition to expected market prices, Carbly flags any potential issues that you need to be aware of.

Detailed view

Detailed When You Need It

Sometimes you have to dig into the details a little more to understand a vehicle's standing in the marketplace. Carbly has you covered.

Carbly exposes detailed data from disparate sources including actual retail sale comps, book values at multiple conditions, projected price trends, market days supply and much more.

The Most Cost Effective Tools Available

Other solutions do your business a disservice by nickel and diming you when selecting multiple data providers. To make the most accurate vehicle value assessment and save yourself from bad buys and under-market sales, you need to look at a full range of data sources. We've hand selected those that give you the best market analysis.

Our price of $199/month includes all books and services. CARFAX requires a separate account, but unlike other solutions, we never charge you to integrate vehicle history reports with Carbly. Sign up now to start your 14 day free trial and start making more informed buying and selling decisions.

Sample appraisal for a 2017 Mercedes-Benz C-Class
Sample appraisal for a 2017 Mercedes-Benz C-Class

A Sample Appraisal from Carbly

Appraisal Values

Our recommended price targets for both wholesale and retail, as well as a probable range for each. These numbers account for mileage and condition.

Vehicle summary

Alerts and Highlights

Carbly points out any areas for concern or positive attributes about the vehicle.

Appraisal at a glance

Black Book® Values

The various price points for this vehicle in different conditions for Retail, Wholesale and the spread between them.

Appraisal Black Book

Manheim Market Report Values

The various price points for this vehicle in different conditions for Retail, Wholesale and the spread between them.

Appraisal Manheim

Vehicle Price Trends

Historical auction and projected vehicle values for Retail and Wholesale pricing. The values range from 1 year ago to 1 year in the future.

Price trends

Actual Retail Sales Data

See recent retail sales data including mileage adjusted sale price and market days supply (time on lot).

Market days supply

Sale Distribution Graphs

A visual breakdown of each sale comp to indicate the range of sales and their distribution.

Average sale graph

Recent Sale Comps

Recently sold vehicles at retail including price, dealer profit, market days supply, mileage and region.

Retail sale comps

NADA Official Used Car Guide®

View finance, retail and MSRP data.


See the vehicle history overview, or drill down to see the full report.

Source Triangulation

Carbly's appraisal tools are optimized to quickly apply our Source Triangulation method of vehicle appraisals. This method allows you to reduce your risk and combine trusted sources of data to accurately determine wholesale and retail prices and therefore potential profit.

Read our guide to more accurate vehicle appraisals »
Source Triangulation
Carbly comes with a no-risk 14 day free trial that includes full access to our world-class appraisal tools. Get started today and make more money buying and selling cars.

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