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Appraisal Features

Carbly combines multiple data sources in a low cost package so you can value a vehicle accurately with confidence.

Better data. Better appraisals.

Carbly combines all of the appraisal information and tools you need into one place. Having reliable valuation and vehicle history tools means you can make better decisions, whether you're buying or selling cars.

Carbly pays for itself; all the data you need to avoid costly errors while maximizing profit on every transaction.

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We are proud to be partners with Black Book®, Manheim Market Report, Real Retail (powered by J.D. Power), CARFAX and NADA Official Used Car Guide® and Live Local Market.
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One tool. All the data you need.

Tired of referencing multiple accounts and platforms? Accurately and quickly appraise vehicles in a single tool containing all the data points you need.

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Actual Historical Retail Sale Prices

Using actual historical retail sales comps see what like examples are really selling for. Use this powerful information to reliably predict true margin before you buy at wholesale and to negotiate sales from an informed position so you don't ever leave money on the table again.

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Know Your Competition Better Than Your Customers Do

Don't make yourself look silly getting caught out by the well informed customer who knows more about your competition than you do. Live Local Market data informs you of every facet of your regional marketplace so you can stand tall when negotiating.

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Painless VIN entry

Typing VINs might actually be the most annoying thing in the car business. Sometimes having to go out to the car to scan the barcode isn't any less of a pain. We've given the Carbly VIN scanner super powers so that it can read actual VIN text. Effortlessly scan VINs from documents, computer screens, phones, windshields and even handwriting (if it's neat enough).

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Seamless, Free Vehicle History Integration

Doing things twice is stupid and none of us can afford to waste time. Integrate your vehicle history account for free so that you can see the report in the app before you even consult book values and comps.

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Intuitive and Easy to Use

A lot of tools just throw endless numbers on the page, are hard to use and take a lot of time to get comfortable with. Carbly is easy and immediately familiar. We have done the hard work for you. Simply download, login in and intuitively start appraising with ease.

Carbly starts at just $49 per month

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Carbly is for licensed car dealers only
Simple view

Simple When You Want It

The Appraisal Assistant quickly gives you snapshot information about a vehicle's value, enabling you to make quick decisions.

In addition to expected market prices, Carbly flags any potential issues that you need to be aware of.

Detailed view

Detailed When You Need It

Sometimes you have to dig into the details a little more to understand a vehicle's standing in the marketplace. Carbly has you covered.

Carbly exposes detailed data from sources including actual retail sale comps, book values at multiple conditions, projected price trends, days on lot and much more.

The Most Cost Effective Tools Available

Other solutions do your business a disservice by nickel and diming you when selecting multiple data providers. To make the most accurate vehicle value assessment and save yourself from bad buys and under-market sales, you need to look at a full range of data sources. We've hand selected those that give you the best market analysis.

Carbly starts at only $49 per month; get better data at a better price.

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Sample appraisal for a 2017 Mercedes-Benz C-Class
Sample appraisal for a 2017 Mercedes-Benz C-Class

A Sample Appraisal from Carbly

Appraisal Values

Our recommended price targets for both wholesale and retail, as well as a probable range for each. These numbers account for mileage and condition.

Vehicle summary

Alerts and Highlights

Carbly points out any areas for concern or positive attributes about the vehicle.

Appraisal at a glance

Black Book® Values

The various price points for this vehicle in different conditions for Retail, Wholesale and the spread between them.

Appraisal Black Book

Manheim Market Report Values

The various price points for this vehicle in different conditions for Retail, Wholesale and the spread between them.

Appraisal Manheim

Vehicle Price Trends

Historical auction and projected vehicle values for Retail and Wholesale pricing. The values range from 1 year ago to 1 year in the future.

Price trends

Real Retail

See recent retail sales data including mileage adjusted sale price and market days supply (number of days on the lot).

Market days supply

Sale Distribution Graphs

A visual breakdown of each sale comp to indicate the range of sales and their distribution.

Average sale graph

Recent Sale Comps

Recently sold vehicles at retail including price, dealer profit, market days supply, mileage and region.

Retail sale comps

Live Local Market

See details of vehicles for sale near you with similar trim, for Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) and non-CPO respectively.

Full Local View

See number of vechicles and asking prices for other vehicle trims and years.

NADA Official Used Car Guide®

View finance, retail and MSRP data.


See the vehicle history overview, or drill down to see the full report.

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We've captured our years of experience appraising vehicles in the field in this free 16 page guide. Whether you're new to the industry or have significant experience under your belt, you'll come away with a more complete understanding of the 4 main topics to consider when valuing a car. The document is aimed at dealers, financial institutions and the auto insurance industry and gives a good overview of how to accurately appraise cars and trucks.

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