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As a dealer, you spend hours looking at vehicles online. Sourcing in a competitive market demands that you buy from a wide variety of online auctions and wholesale marketplaces. Save time and increase efficiency with the Carbly Browser Extension; it will automatically find VINs on any web page and show Carbly market data directly in your browser.

Available for
Google Chrome Chrome

Install the Carbly Browser Extension by visiting the Chrome Web Store and clicking "Install Extension". Once installed, the Carbly Browser Extension is always working in the background looking for VINs. Just click the blue tab to see your Carbly market data without ever leaving the page.

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The Carbly Browser Extension works on vehicle detail pages where a single VIN is displayed or on pages that display mulitple VINs, meaning you can assess market data on lists of vehicles in the extension without having to click into individual vehicle detail pages.

How to get started

It's quick and easy to get started. Just follow the simple steps below:


Create a Carbly Account

Already have one? Great, skip to step 2. Otherwise, you can start your free trial immediately.

Create Your Free Trial

Install the Extension

Install for Chrome by visiting the Chrome Web Store and click "Install Extension". Once prompted to "allow extension to read webpages", click Accept. Once your browser installs the extension, you are all set. The extension tab will display anytime a VIN number is found on the webpage you are viewing.

Visit Chrome Store to Install

View Appraisal Data

Extension tab Once you visit a web page that has a VIN number on it, you'll see a blue Carbly tab appear in the top right of your browser window. Click it to show the Carbly Browser Extension. You might need to login to your Carbly account first. Click the blue tab again to hide the data if you wish.

Need help getting started? We're happy to help, just give us a call at (800) 996-4028.

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