OCR VIN Scanner

OCR VIN Scanner Prevents Errors & Saves Valuable Time

If you work in the car business you will spend a disproportionately large amount of your time entering VINs. And, if you've spent any time at all entering VINs you know only too well how tedious, time-consuming and error prone it can be. If you are working on a desktop, and a VIN already exists in one of your systems, you can often escape typing it by using copy/paste which is an effective method to eliminate errors and speed the process up.

These days though, we spend most of our time away from our desks. Mobile tools have made life much easier and faster by doing away with all the back and forth that used to exist but when a VIN is required, scanning it isn't always an option. If a barcode is inaccessible or damaged a traditional VIN scanner will not be able to automatically capture it which means that you are usually left entering it manually. That's always an inconvenience; it takes too long and it's far too easy to make mistakes typing on a smaller device.

OCR VIN capture from document

At Carbly, we wanted to eliminate the repeated frustration and annoyance of manually entering VINs so we developed an OCR VIN scanner that can read text VIN numbers as well as traditional barcodes. So now, if it isn't possible to scan a VIN barcode you are not forced to manually type the VIN.

What this means is that you can effortlessy and quickly capture VINs from all sorts of places without fear of making errors.

  • If a VIN barcode is damaged the OCR scanner can still read the VIN text that is also printed on the sticker.
  • If a vehicle is locked and you don't have the keys you can capture the VIN text from the plate in the corner of the windshield.
  • While you are looking at upcoming vehicles for the auction or checking out the competitors on your desktop, you can simply point your device at the screen and Carbly will automatically capture the VIN from there too.
  • You can capture the VIN text from a photo on a customer's phone too.
  • The OCR VIN scanner also works on printed documents so the next time a customer brings in a title, registration doc or buildsheet you can quickly capture the VIN from it without any fuss or errors.

Try it for yourself. Once you do you'll wonder how you ever did your job without the Carbly VIN scanner and you certainly won't ever want to manually enter a VIN again!

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