What's New in Carbly 2.2

Live Local Market

We are pleased to launch the Live Local Market which is available to add to all plans for $29 per month. With a goal of providing complete local market insight, it features the number of like vehicles in your area, their average price and mileage, median current days on lot and a suggested mileage specific retail price. Live Local Market also has a quick reference graph so that you can see the distribution of retail prices and a table that shows all relevant trims for a model, to include the production years before and after the vehicle in question. All of this information is available for non-CPO and CPO vehicles separately too.

J.D. Power Values (formerly NADA) Updates

J.D. Power has also received an update. In addition to average mileage, loan value, retail value and MSRP it now features trade-in values for rough, average and clean condition. A user can now see all condition values at once like they can for Black Book® and Manheim Market Report.

The Little Things

We have paid attention to the small details too. In the absence of a unified naming structure, the same vehicles often have different titles depending on the guidebook being used. This sometimes requires that the user select the correct trims for each book after scanning a VIN. This can be difficult if you are unfamiliar with a particular vehicle or if you don’t have the vehicle in front of you. In an effort to make this selection process easier, we have included relevant VIN scanner decode data on the trim selection page to make selecting the correct one simpler. When unfamiliar, a user can compare trim selection choices with the vehicle info at the top of the screen. That same info can be viewed on an individual appraisal too, allowing a user to see vehicle body class, drive type, fuel type, cylinders and displacement. Just tap the info button in the upper right hand corner at the top of the screen in the app.

We have also included individual help sections for each data source, guidebook and report used for appraisals. As a user if you are unfamiliar with a certain data source or have questions about certain numbers, you can click the ? in the upper right hand corner of each card to read more about the data it presents.

We are already busy with the next set of improvements for the product so check back soon for more updates. As usual, if you have any questions or feature suggestions, don't hesitate to contact us.

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Appraisal screenshot
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