Vehicle notes and photos

Share Vehicles, Notes & Photos

Collaborate and improve workflow

Vehicles added to Carbly can be viewed by everyone else on the team. Anyone can comment as needed on value, condition, recon, lot status, deal flow and more.

  • Discuss vehicle pricing and appraisal data
  • Add notes and photos. Appraise. Snap. Share.
  • Work together to identify auction candidate vehicles
  • Assign vehicles to folders to keep things organized
  • Unlimited photo uploads and data storage

A well organized workflow is a hallmark of an effective dealership, and Carbly for Teams can help streamline your operation.

Activity Feeds

Stay in the loop, no matter where you are

The Activity Feed shows you who did what, and when. Don't miss a thing when it comes to vehicle appraisals, sales and auction watchlists.

  • Quickly see vehicle additions and changes
  • View notes by everyone, as soon as they make them
  • Collaborate on shared auction watchlists

The Activity Feed is a great way to stay on top of what's going on at your dealership.

Carbly for Teams Activity Feed
Dealership Tools for Teams and Users

Full & Non-Appraisal Users

Only pay for the access you need

We understand that not everyone needs access to full appraisal data, so we offer a low-cost user called a Non-Appraisal user. You can add Non-Appraisal users to your team at any point.

Carbly Teams

Full Access Users

Access to all pricing guides and appraisal data for the account. Scan VINs, add vehicles, and make unlimited notes and photos. Integrate existing CARFAX and AutoCheck accounts. No restrictions.

Carbly Teams

Non-Appraisal Users

Can scan VINs, add vehicles, make unlimited notes and photos and help with vehicle organization and auction research. Integrate existing CARFAX and AutoCheck accounts. No appraisal data access.

Get Started for Free

Want to appraise vehicles faster and more accurately?

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Download our free "Field Guide to Appraising Vehicles" to learn how to price and appraise vehicles more accurately in less time. We've distilled our years of experience down to a 16 page ebook that covers the 4 main areas you should be considering on every vehicle.