Carbly | Carbly VIN Scanner 2.4 Is Live

Carbly VIN Scanner 2.4 Is Live

Carbly VIN Scanner 2.4 Is Live

We've been hard at work upgrading the Carbly VIN scanner and are pleased to announce the newest additions to the product.

Select Only The Books You Need

At Carbly we take the time to speak to our customers so that we can be sure we are delivering a product that best suits their needs. It became apparent that our customers wanted greater flexibility with pricing and guide book selection. To accommodate this we have introduced a la carte book selection and pricing. This allows customers to build a specific menu of guide books and reports to meet their individual needs and budget so that they don't ever have to pay for something they don't need.

As you can see, you can pay as little as $19 per month and it is always free to integrate your vehicle history account with Carbly, even if you only buy one book.

Value Otimized Bundles

We also received lots of requests for amendments and substitutions to our bundled offerings. To meet these needs, we now have 3 value optimized bundles available to customers. The Essentials Bundles, which consist of Manheim Market Report or Black Book®, NADA Official Used Car Guide®, Live Local Market and free history account integration are $109 per month. Additional books can also be added to these so that you can build on the inherent value of the bundle.

The Pro Bundle includes Manheim Market Report, Black Book®, Real Retail, NADA Official Used Car Guide®, Live Local Market and free history account integration and has been reduced in price to $199 per month. This is the best value in the market, providing deep market insight at a very affordable price.

Unlimited Custom Folders

Car dealers are busy people. Over the course of a month they might appraise 100s of vehicles while considering auction purchases and assessing trade-ins. That's a lot of vehicles to keep track of and locate in the app at a later date. Folders were included in v2.4 allowing a user to create an unlimited number of custom folders so that they can easily organize vehicles making them simple to find again.

Search By Year, Make, Model

To make life easier still we also included a search feature in the app making it easy to find the vehicle you are looking for without having to scroll endlessly through long lists. A user can now search by year, make, model or use any combination of the three fields to narrow down their selections further.

We are alerady working on the next set of feature upgrades but feel free to let us know if there is something else that you would like to see added. Thanks.

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