Carbly | Carbly vs. Laser Appraiser

Carbly vs. Laser Appraiser

A comparison of two vehicle pricing tools

User Experience as a Priority

Laser Appraiser is another mobile appraisal app for car dealers. To the casual observer it might seem very similar to Carbly but there are actually quite a few things that set them apart.

Looking at the screenshots above it is evident that Carbly delivers a true, modern enterprise-level experience with an emphasis on clean, user-friendly design. Unfortunately the same cannot be said of the dated and impenetrable interface that Laser Appraiser offers. As a Carbly customer you will quickly and easily make decisions about a vehicle's value or price in the same time it'll take just to make sense of the screen with Laser Appraiser.

Laser Appraiser vs. Carbly

Tech Enabled VIN Scanner to Make Life Easier

Carbly extends the ease of use to the VIN scanner. VIN barcode scanning is standard in the industry. Both Laser Appraiser and Carbly can do this. VIN barcodes are often damaged, inaccessible or missing though. As a Laser Appraiser user you'll be left manually entering the VIN in these circumstances and that's really annoying and time consuming. Utilising the latest technology, Carbly provides OCR VIN text scanning. This means that it can actually recognize and read VINs from text. Just point your device at another screen, a piece of paper, a VIN plate and even handwriting (if neat enough) and Carbly will automatically read the VIN for you without any fuss.

A Tool That Does The Hard Work For You

Appraising correctly and accurately demands data from multiple sources. It can be time consuming to examine each guide in detail and then compare them to one another though. Carbly understands this. We offer a Summary Section with an Appraisal Assistant. As soon as a vehicle has been entered, the Appraisal Assistant provides recommended wholesale and retail numbers, with ranges, aggregated from all data providers. The Summary Section immediately highlights positive and negative attributes of the vehicle so that you know what you are looking at. Laser Appraiser offers no such help. They require their users to put in all the effort themselves.

Buying & Pricing Accurately With Live Market Analysis

As mentioned above, good appraisal requires multiple sources of data. Laser Appraiser and Carbly both provide wholesale data in the form of guide books as well as featuring retail comps to varying degrees. Laser Appraiser's My Market is a list of similar available vehicles in your area. While it's better than not having any retail information at all, it certainly isn't as informative as it could be. When it comes to retail, Carbly has you covered. The Live Local Market report offers an in-depth look at your local market, featuring the number of like vehicles in your area, their average price and mileage, median current days on lot and a suggested mileage specific retail price. There's a quick reference graph so that you can see the distribution of retail prices and a table that shows all relevant trims for a model, to include the production years before and after the vehicle in question. And just to make sure that there aren't any unanswered questions, we provide all of that data for both CPO and non-CPO vehicles separately.

Sell & Negotiate Deals Profitably With Historical Comps

Carbly goes even further though. Real Retail shows actual historical retail transactions from almost 50% of dealers in the US so you know exactly what sale price to aim for and the profit you can expect on any given vehicle. Laser Appraiser just doesn't provide this level of detailed information.

Affordable Enterprise Data

Carbly understands that value is incredibly important too. It's one of the things that made VIN Viper so popular before they closed up shop a few years ago.

  • Cably Essentials Bundles provide Live Local Market report, Manheim Market Report or Black Book®, NADA Official Used Car Guide® and FREE vehicle history integration for only $109 per month. The same offering from Laser Appraiser costs $138 per month. Carbly Essentials Bundles offer an annual saving of $468.
  • For $199 per month the Carbly Pro Bundle includes Live Local Market report, Summary Section with Appraisal Assistant, Black Book®, Manheim Market Report, NADA Official Used Car Guide®, Real Retail and FREE vehicle history integration. Laser Appraiser does not offer a Summary Section, Appraisal Assistant or Real Retail but a similar service from them including 3 guide books, Manheim Market Report and free vehicle history report integration costs $266 per month. This means that Carbly Pro users are saving $924 per year.

Carbly offers a completely free trial without any contract. Give it a go and see how much easier it is to appraise with us.

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