Carbly Limited Plans Now Start at $25

New Limited Plans For Greater Flexibility & Value

3/23/2021: NADA Official Used Car Guide® has been renamed to J.D. Power Values

No two dealers run their businesses the same way. Whether it's the location, inventory, staff or business model, every lot is a little different and as such demands a unique approach. At Carbly we understand this and always strive to meet dealers' individual needs.

We're happy to announce that we now offer Limited Plans for Kelley Blue Book®, J.D. Power Values and Manheim Market Report.

Pay only $25 per month

Access 25 vehicle appraisals per month, per provider

To get started, sign up, and select either "Unlimited" or "25" for each provider.

You can mix and match any combination of unlimited or limited providers to best suit the needs of your business.

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Choice Benefits Dealers

Up until now dealers have only ever had the option of buying guidebooks with unlimited appraisals. This can be expensive and doesn't always best suit the needs of an indie dealer.

Small Dealers

Thousands of dealers buy and sell 10 or fewer vehicles per month. An unlimited subscription makes little sense to them. It's hard to justify the cost so they will often make do with free tools. The Limited Plans provide these dealers industry-leading data at a cost they can afford despite their smaller size.

Lender Bookouts

Lenders typically require KBB or J.D. Power for a bookout. Some dealers only ever use these gudiebooks for lender bookouts. For dealers whose monthly sales don't exceed the limit, the Limited Plans offer a fantastic way to satisfy lender requirements without paying more than they need to.

Additional Data

  • Every dealer has their preferred guidebook but there are instances when that data can fall short or let you down. Adding another Limited Plan guidebook as an additional source of data when circumstances demand it is a lot more palatable when it's only $25.
  • Perhaps you're a dealer that rarely buys at auction and as such might only need Manheim Market Report on a few occasions per month: adding it as a Limited Plan gives you the data you need without wasting money.
  • Maybe you don't take many trade-ins but rely on Kelley Blue Book® when you are negotiating with a customer; stop using the free customer-facing site and add it as a Limited Plan so that you get the full Kelley Blue Book® data set at an affordable price.

Every indie dealer has their own method and requirements; the affordability and flexibility of the Limited Plans make building the their perfect vin scanner subscription easier than ever.

If you have questions about the Limited Plans or need anything else please reach out. We are happy to help.

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