A VIN Viper Alternative

If you used to use VIN Viper and are looking for a modern and reliable alternative, here's what you need to know.

VIN Viper was an incredibly popular and broadly used tool before the business closed a couple of years ago. It's easy to see the reason for their popularity. They provided a useful feature set for much less than other available tools. Let's look at what sets Carbly and VIN Viper apart.

Carbly vs. VIN Viper

VIN Viper could scan barcodes but technology has moved on. Carbly does this too but it can also recognize VIN numbers in text. This means that you can just point your device at another screen, a piece of paper, an insurance card, a VIN plate and even handwriting (if neat enough) and Carbly will automatically read the VIN for you without any fuss. Just think of all the times that a barcode scanner has been of no help because the VIN sticker was missing, inaccessible, damaged or because the vehicle was locked. With the Carbly VIN text scanner you won't be left typing the VIN.

VIN Viper alternative

Pricing and Basic Features

At Carbly we believe that multi-source data is crucial for performing accurate appraisals. This is evident when taking a look at our Guide to Appraising Vehicles. Whichever combination of books you use on Carbly, you are safe in the knowledge that you're getting market-leading value. While VIN Viper did have extremely competitive prices you weren't getting the comprehensive market picture that the Carbly offers.

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Vin Viper included relevant current retail market data for appraisals. Carbly does that too with a detailed Live Local Market report but takes it one step further by including Real Retail data (powered by J.D. Power). It shows actual historical retail transactions from almost 50% of dealers in the US so you know exactly what sale price to aim for and the profit you can expect on any given vehicle.

Competitors like Laser Appraiser will tell you that Vin Viper's low price was directly attributable to their demise. That's a perfect narrative for justifying selling similar features for more money. Carbly disagrees with that though. Business can be tough and every penny counts so we understand the importance of value. Carbly delivers a true, modern enterprise-level experience with an emphasis on clean, user-friendly design, without sacrificing quality or reliability.

Current State of VIN Viper

Unfortunately for VIN Viper, things did not end well and in later years customers were plagued with disruptions to their service and a lack of customer support. Carbly was built using modern technology and is utterly reliable and stable. Our customer service staff are also ready and waiting to assist you when you need them.

Features Comparison

VIN Viper Carbly
Year, Make, Model Vehicle Entry without VIN
Optimized Keyboard For VIN Entry
Free History Integration without Minimum Spend
VIN Barcode Scanner
VIN Text Scanner
Live Local Market CPO vs Non-CPO
Live Local Market Mileage Adjusted Suggested Price
Live Local Market Multi-Year, All Trim, Retail Price Comparison Table
Live Local Market Price Distribution Graph
Historical Retail Transaction Data
Appraisal Assistant & Summary, Black Book®, KBB, Manheim Market Report, J.D. Power Values, Real Retail, Live Local Market pricing and FREE vehicle history integration NA $280.80
Kelley Blue Book® or J.D. Power Values with Summary & Appraisal Assistant, Live Local Market Pricing, Black Book®, Manheim Market Report, Real Retail and FREE vehicle history integration NA $231.30

Comparison Summary

  • While VIN Viper could scan barcodes, Carbly can do this plus actually recognize VIN numbers in text. By using text recognition, it is able to identify a VIN and immediately pull up vehicle details and market pricing data.
  • Carbly provides actual retail sale comps. Seeing what other dealers are asking for a vehicle isn't enough. Seeing actual sale prices is a much better indicator of what a car or truck is likely to sell for at retail.
  • Modern book data providers that actually help dealers. Carbly uses Kelley Blue Book®, Black Book®, Manheim Market Report, Real Retail, J.D. Power Values and CARFAX data to give dealerships the most accurate picture of the wholesale and retail marketplaces.
  • While VIN Viper had frequent service problems, Carbly is stable and reliable.
  • Fast and easy customer support. If you have a question while using Carbly, you can be speaking with a real person in seconds.
  • Carbly is affordable. We give you enterprise-level tools and service at reasonable prices.
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