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Car Buyer FAQs

Answers to common questions about Carbly's dealer-only marketplace.

If you are unfamiliar with Carbly or need clarification on a specific topic, take a look below. We've listed the most commonly asked questions so that you can quickly find the answers you need. Don't hesitate to email or call us if you need any further information.

Is Carbly an auction?

No, Carbly is a buy bid based platform. Bidding is easy. Based on your knowledge of the used car values and your specific appetite for a vehicle, simply offer the amount you are prepared to pay for a listed vehicle. Please note that a buy bid is a binding offer to buy the vehicle at the offered price. A seller may choose whether to accept your offer or not; or may attempt to negotiate the price with you.

What are the buy fees on Carbly?

Carbly does not currently charge the buyer any fees at all. (There are no fees to see the marketplace, view the listings, submit offers, send messages or buy a car.)

Does Carbly offer guarantees for the vehicles?

Carbly is matching sellers and buyers to facilitate used vehicle transactions - we are not inspecting vehicles for sale on the platform. Our modern system depends on peer reviews to weed out the bad actors. You'll always be able to see the rating of the other party before proceeding with a transaction. And, in the rare case where a vehicle was misrepresented, then the buyer is under no obligation to complete the transaction. Additionally, sellers consistently misrepresenting vehicles or buyers failing to complete transactions without cause will be removed from the system.

How long does a listing last?

Each listing will have an end date so you know how long you can expect it to last.

Can a listing finish early?

If the seller receives an offer that they like, they can elect to end the listing sooner than previously stated.

What sort of pictures are included with a listing?

Each listing includes comprehensive photos of the exterior of the vehicle and the interior, as well as photos specific to any damage the vehicle might have. It will also include some high level system checks such as whether the AC works and what condition the tires are in.

How do I enter a bid?

Simply hit the red make an offer button underneath the vehicle info.

Can I see where a vehicle is before I bid?

Yes, the seller's details and locations will appear on the listing, under the vehicle info. If you would like to inspect a vehicle in person before bidding, that can be arranged via the in app messaging capabilities.

Can I see what other people are bidding for vehicles?

No, Carly is a buy bid system so only the seller sees all the bids. The best approach to bidding on Carbly is to make your best offer based on what you are prepared to pay. This is really no different than having a number in mind when walking into a tradition auction.

Is there a minimum or suggested offer price for listings?

There are no minimum or suggested offer prices on our listings. Simply make a realistic offer based on what you are prepared to pay. If you need market data, be sure to check out our appraisal data[link to appraisal page]. Once subscribed to, it is included on every listing so that you can be sure you are offering the right amount.

I'd like to make an offer but without a minimum or suggested offer price, I am worried about offending the seller with my offer. What should I do?

A seller lists a vehicle because they want to sell it. You cannot possibly offend a seller by making an offer. That being said, extremely low or unrealistic offers are unlikely to be successful.

How much should I offer?

Carbly is a buy bid system. Simply bid what you are prepared to pay for a vehicle. Keep in mind that silly or unrealistic offers will likely be ignored by the seller. If you are unsure about vehicle values, ask us about our appraisal tool[link to appraisal page]. Once subscribed, you will have access to comprehensive market data for every listing on Carbly as well as any cars that you need to appraise during your day to day operations...

Can I ask a seller what they want for a vehicle before I submit an offer?

We don't mind what you talk about with people on our platform, so feel free to ask whatever you'd like. Keep in mind though that a seller might be slow to respond and you could subsequently miss out on a vehicle that you would like. So, it's best to just offer what you are prepared to pay, rather than trying to find out what the seller wants for it.

Can a seller counter my offer?

Yes, a seller might counter your offer via the messages feature. If they do so, feel free to negotiate with them as you see fit. If you need to change your offer once having reached an agreement, simply retract your offer in the app and resubmit so that the seller can accept. For instructions on retracting an offer, see below.

What if I offered the wrong amount for a vehicle that is listed?

Simply retract your offer. Hit the x on the right hand side of the green bar, under the listing info that shows how much you made an offer for. It will bring up a modal asking you to confirm. Hit retract this offer and your offer will be retracted. Once you have done this you can offer again, this time making sure that you offer the correct amount.

How will I know if I have won a vehicle that I bid on?

If the seller chooses to accept your offer, you will be notified in the app immediately. If you would like to check on the status of your offers at any point, simply go the listings tab and click on my offers at the top, right-hand side of the screen. Once there, you will see a list of the offers that you have made. You can click on any of them to look at in more detail.

I bid on the wrong vehicle. What should I do?

Not to worry. Simply retract your offer. Hit the x on the right hand side of the green bar, under the listing info that shows how much you made an offer for. It will bring up a modal asking you to confirm. Hit retract this offer and your offer will be retracted.

I'd like to offer on a vehicle but have some questions about it. What should I do?

Carbly has built in messages so that you can speak to the seller directly. Just hit the message bubble or phone icon on the right-hand side of the screen, under the listing info to initiate a chat or phone call with the seller.

I'm interested in a vehicle that is listed but I would like to check it out in person first. Can I do that?

Yes, you are welcome to stop by at the location of the seller to see a vehicle before you offer on it. Keep in mind that other buyers might already be offering sight unseen so you could miss out if you can't get there quickly. If a seller has good ratings it is safe to assume that they have properly described the vehicle so that you know exactly what you are buying without having to see it in person.

What happens after I win a bid?

You will be notified in the app and we will also email you a Wholesale Buyer Order detailing the vehicle and sale amount. Get payment ready and then pick up the car or arrange for transport.

How do I pay?

Business & cashier's checks are the only approved methods of payment. They must be sent before taking delivery or remitted at the time of pickup before the vehicle will be released.

How much time do I have to pay for the vehicle and pick it up?

Payments must be made and collection must occur within 5 days of sale ending. Failure to do so could result in the voiding of your bid and the vehicle being offered to another buyer.

Am I allowed to inspect the vehicle before paying to make sure that it is as described?

Yes. We encourage buyers to start the vehicle up and perform a walk-around to verify that the vehicle is as-described. Once you are satisfied that is the case, just remit payment and take the vehicle away with you. If a seller has a strong rating and/or you have a strong buying history with them already, you do not have to do this of course. Please note that leaving with the vehicle constitutes your acknowledgment that the vehicle is as described.

What if the vehicle that I bid on and won is not as described? Do I still have to take it and pay for it?

Carbly expects that sellers properly represent the vehicles that they are selling. If there is a serious discrepancy between the actual condition of a vehicle and its representation in the listing, we will not force you to take it. If this happens you can do one of the following things:

If the damage is such that you do not want the vehicle, you can simply leave without the vehicle and without remitting payment. Please make sure that you leave a thumbs-down in the feedback so that we can contact the seller to investigate the incident. Sellers acting in bad faith will be removed from the platform.

If you would still like the vehicle despite damage but would like to pay less, message the seller to resolve the issue. This should not be considered an opportunity to regularly negotiate a price down after purchase. Reneging on purchases or requests for price reduction based on superficial damage that was missed in good faith because damage was minor will result in buyer being negatively reviewed. Repeated bad reviews will result in buyers being removed from the platform.

When do I get the title?

Once your payment has cleared, we will send you the title for the purchased vehicle.

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