Carbly VIN Scanner 2.5 Is Now Available

Carbly VIN Scanner 2.5 Is Now Available

Carbly 2.5 is now live. Check your settings tab to make sure that the app has updated and you are running the latest version. If not, you can download it in the App Store or Play Store.

Simplified Trim Choices

VINs don't always decode all the way down to a specific trim, meaning that a user is required to select the correct one. This can be a challenge at times; pick-up trucks, for example, have a large number of available trims within a model range. Selecting the correct one can take a little while, even to the trained eye.

So that this process occurs as swiftly and seamlessly as possible, the trim selection has been vastly simplified so that you only see the information you need. Carbly also automatically matches trims between books when it sees that they are the same.

Edit Miles & Condition

When appraising a vehicle you will now notice that the condition and mileage text is blue. This means that these are now actionable items in the app allowing you to edit condition and mileage for a specific vehicle without having to do another appraisal.

Edit Miles & Condition Modal

Simply tapping on either one will open a modal that allows the user to make the necessary changes to either miles or condition. Once you have made the requisite changes the values will adjust accordingly on the appraisal screen.

On Card Changeable Trim

To give the user yet more flexibility within a specific appraisal, it is now possible to change the vehicle trim directly on the card. The vehicle trim is shown at the top of each guidebook card. If this text is blue it is actionable. Tapping it opens a modal revealing all the other possible trims selections within a specific model. Choose the one you need and the values will adjust on that card.

We have already started work on the next release which will be ready soon. If you have comments or suggestions in the meantime let us know .

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