Carbly VIN Scanner 3.3 Is Available Now

Carbly VIN Scanner 3.3 Available Now

Version 3.3 of the Carbly VIN scanner is now live and available for download in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. If your app hasn't already updated automatically make sure you click either of those links to do so.

Base Plus Adjustments View In Carbly VIN Scanner

Base Price Plus Adjustments

Every dealer has their own approach to appraisals; some of them just want to see the final adjusted number for a vehicle while others prefer to see the base price and itemized adjustments for mileage, region and options.

With the latest version of Carbly dealers can now switch back and forth between a single adjusted value presentation and a view that shows base price plus itemized adjustments.

Add Photos In Carbly VIN Scanner

Add Photos To A Vehicle

Whether it's to record the condition of a vehicle when putting a number on it, or just so that it's easier to locate in the list later, our customers have requested the ability to add photos.

We are pleased to announce that users can now add unlimited photos to vehicles that can also be shared and used as thumbnails in the recent appraisals list too.

Automatic Paste Carbly VIN Scanner

Automatic VIN Detection & Paste

Dealers spend a lot of their time entering VINs which is error-prone and time consuming. Carlby already has an advanced VIN scanner that can read VIN text and barcodes but we wanted to make life for dealers easier still.

Carbly now automatically detects when a user has copied a VIN and will prompt you to run it as soon as you open the app. It can even isolate the VIN from an entire block of text which makes copying and pasting easier than it has ever been.

Look out for more updates in the future. If you have questions in the meantime you can email or call (800) 996-4028. We look forward to hearing from you.

If you need to create an account to start your free trial, get started now.

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