Carbly First To Offer NADA® VIN Precision+

Better Appraisals With NADA® VIN Precision+ Vehicle Values

Automatic trim and add / deducts selection means faster and more accurate appraisals

An accurate appraisal demands a precise VIN decode so that the correct market data can be presented. Without specific trim data, guide book values are based on model and equipment averages which can quickly result in costly errors.

The Future Of VIN Decoding

We understand how important it is that dealers get the most precise vehicle data possible; inaccurate appraisals quickly result in significant loses. We are pleased to announce our partnership with the new NADA® VIN Precision+. With an ever-growing database of 125 million VINs, it offers 93% trim accuracy and 94% vehicle option accuracy.

NADA VIN Precision+ Vehicle Value Data

Pairing NADA® VIN Precision+ with the Carbly VIN scanner has multiple benefits:

  • More VIN scans now decode down to the specific trim automatically, eliminating the need to make choices.
  • More VIN scans also include the specific options on a vehicle making add / deducts a breeze.
  • These things combined make it effortless to know exactly what you are appraising so that you can properly determine its value, instead of relying on broad model averages.

All Carbly Customers Benefit

Every Carbly customer benefits from the enhanced trim decoding capabilities of NADA® VIN Precision+ even if they aren't NADA® subscribers because it is included in all of our VIN scan decodes, for all guide books. This means that all Carbly VIN Scanner users will have to make fewer trim choices than ever before.

Specific NADA® Subcriber Benefits

Carbly customers that do subscribe to NADA® as part of their plan, also benefit from the VIN Precision+ vehicle options selection. It Automatically adds or removes known vehicle accessories and packages, giving dealers values based on a vehicle specific build.

NADA Official Used Car Guide® is available on Carbly for $59 per month. This price also includes free integration of your vehicle history account. (Tip: to maximize value on a budget, add Live Local Market for only $29 more.)

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Want to appraise vehicles faster and more accurately?

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