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Carbly's dealer-only marketplace works on a Buy Bid system. Buyers make bids without seeing other offers, and sellers are free to choose any offer.

How it works flow
1. Sellers create a listing by scanning a VIN barcode then entering basic information about the vehicle. It is then broadcast to Carbly's network of licensed dealers and wholesalers.
2. Potential buyers review the listing and its embedded appraisal and vehicle history data.
3. These buyers then submit a Buy Bid for the amount they'll pay for the vehicle.
4. The seller can accept one of these Buy Bids, and then coordinate pickup, title and payment with the buyer.
Clock iconListings can be active for as short as 15 minutes or as long as 2 weeks.
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Carbly is an amazing additional channel for you to sell your inventory. Quickly use your phone to list a vehicle once and it will be broadcast to our network of licensed dealers and wholesalers.

Receive Buy Bids on potential customer trade-ins while they are in the showroom. Mitigate your risk by having a price for the trade in hand when structuring a deal. Avoid reconditioning costs.

List stale inventory before assuming the uncertainty and costs of going to auction. Receive Buy Bids on your vehicle as-is from trusted used car dealers. Compare these Buy Bids with the built-in appraisal data, and if you get an offer that you're happy with, accept it and consider the deal done.

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If you're a used car buyer or wholesaler, Carbly is a great source of additional deal flow for your business. You'll be notified when a vehicle is listed, allowing you to submit a Buy Bid from your phone. When you view the listing, you'll have access to world class appraisal and vehicle history tools for the vehicle being sold, helping you make an informed decision. If your Buy Bid is accepted, you'll be notified immediately and you can then coordinate pickup and title details with the seller.

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