Black Book® And Carbly VIN Scanner

Using Black Book With Carbly

Black Book logo Black Book® is an independent wholesale and retail price guide. Using the industry's best analytics and most knowledgeable editors, it delivers actionable intelligence and accurate car value data you can count on for both the wholesale and retail markets. It is one of the most widely trusted data sources in the automotive industry.

Black Book Card In Carbly

All the data that you are familiar with and trust is presented on the card in an user-friendly format.

The model and trim are displayed at the top. Beneath that, wholesale and retail values, as well as the spread between the two are displayed in ascending condition order. The condition that you selected when inputting the VIN will be highlighted.

Next you will see the original MSRP for the vehicle without options on the left and the original price of the vehicle with options on the right.

Black Book Card Add Deducts In Carbly

At the botttom of the card you can click to adjust options on the vehicle for a precise value based on the specific trim you have.

Doing so presents an option list allowing you to select additional options as well as check ones that might be absent. Once you have made correct adjustments, the numbers on the card update and accurately reflect the value of the vehicle that you are appraising.

Whether you're in the lane buying, negotaiting a trade-in, setting a retail price or sending values to a lender for underwriting, having the most precise number possible is critical so this is a very valuable feature.

And while we all like to consider ourselves experts in the field, it simply isn't possible to know every little detail and option list of every vehicle in the market so this is also a great way to make sure that you know which options to look for when buying, negotiating a trade-in or setting your retail price.

Black Book® on Carbly is $55 per month. This price also includes free integration of your vehicle history account. (Tip: to maximize value on a budget, add Live Local Market for only $29 more.)

Pair the Black Book® data you trust and rely on with the user-friendly Carbly VIN scanner. Start your 14 day free trial today.

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