Carbly vs. Autoniq: Pricing Tools for Dealers

A comparison of two vehicle pricing tools

Comparing Carbly to Autoniq

"Try Carbly. It destroys Autoniq by leaps and bounds."

Dan ElDoueihi 1A Auto Sales

At first glance, Carbly and Autoniq offer similar services for auto dealers. Let's take a look at what sets them apart.

Autoniq vs. Carbly

Appraisal Assistant & Ease-of-Use

Combining Data Sources for Better Wholesale, Retail and Auction Prices

The screenshots above tell a compelling story. Carbly delivers a truly modern experience with an emphasis on clean, user-friendly design. All of this means that Carbly makes it much easier and quicker to make decisions about a vehicle's value or price and intuitively guides you towards making better decisions.

Carbly understands that it can be time consuming to examine multiple guide books and compare them to one another. Let the Appraisal Assistant do it for you; as soon as a vehicle has been entered, it automatically provides recommended wholesale and retail numbers, with ranges, aggregated from all your guide books. Carbly's Summary Section at the top also highlights other positive and negative attributes of the vehicle.

Free Vehicle History Integration

100% Free - No Data Minimums - No Setup Fee

It takes a brave person to buy and sell without knowing the history of a vehicle these days. Autoniq will let you integrate your vehicle history account for a fee of $55.00 per month or they will integrate it for free if you buy at least 2 guide books per month. However you slice it, you will have to spend at least $80.00 per month to integrate your vehicle history with Autoniq. In comparison, we offer:

  • 100% Free Integration of your CARFAX and Autocheck accounts
  • Zero setup fees
  • Zero minimum data requirements

We don't think that you should have to pay twice for vehicle history integration. Even if you only have one book with Carbly, integrating your vehicle history account is always FREE.

Auction Tools & Support for 260+ Auctions

Supporting all EDGE Pipeline & Manheim Locations

Carbly is the ultimate auction preparation tool. Browse upcoming auctions from all EDGE Pipeline and Manheim locations, including OVE and Manheim Express. Get an advantage in the marketplace with our purpose-built auction tools; in addition to vehicle photos, seller comments and full condition reports, each auction listing also includes your Carbly market data so you instantly understand a vehicle's value.

  • Auction filtering by vehicle year, mileage, CR and more
  • Edit your list of auctions by ZIP
  • Browse Lanes to see runs by lane
  • Save vehicles to your watchlist
  • Set your target bid price
  • Create custom folders to organize vehicles

Advanced Trim Decode & Add/Deducts

J.D. Power VIN Precision+ and Build Data

If you don't know a brand well, correctly decoding a vehicle to the trim can be tricky and making a bad buy as a result of a trim error can be costly. Carbly utilizes advanced trim decoding and matching so there are fewer instances than ever that your are forced to make a trim choice. This results in greater speed and more detailed appraisals.

  • 93% trim accuracy
  • 94% vehicle option accuracy

Our partnership with the new J.D. Power VIN Precision+ offers an ever-growing database of 125 million VINs, providing 93% trim accuracy and 94% vehicle option accuracy. Additionally, every Carbly customer benefits from enhanced trim decoding capabilities even if not subscribed to J.D. Power since it is included in all of our VIN scan decodes.

Cutting-Edge VIN Scanner

Capture from Vehicles, Handwriting, Print, Screens and More

We know it's still a pain to locate and scan barcodes so we gave the Carbly VIN Scanner the ability to read VIN number text. This means that you can just point your device at another screen, a piece of paper, a VIN plate and even handwriting (if neat enough) and Carbly will automatically read the VIN for you without any fuss. It just works. If you can't scan a barcode with Autoniq you'll be wasting time typing the VIN.

The Carbly app also detects when you have copied a VIN to your clipboard, and will automatically prompt you to run an appraisal as soon as you open the app. It can even isolate the VIN from an entire copied block of text, making copying and pasting easier than it has ever been.

If you do happen to be one of the rare people who likes to type in VINs, we've thought of you too. Carbly has a quick and easy VIN optimised keyboard. Once entered, we also made the VIN actionable so that you can easily copy/paste, text or email it just by tapping on it. These things are unique to our product and save massive amounts of time and hassle.

Chrome Browser Extension

Provided 100% Free during the beta period

As a dealer, you spend hours looking at vehicles online. Sourcing in a competitive market demands that you buy from a wide variety of online auctions and wholesale marketplaces. Save time and increase efficiency with the Carbly Browser Extension; it will automatically find VINs on any web page and show Carbly market data directly in your browser.

Team Support & Collaboration

Free for all accounts with more than one user

Carbly for Teams allows your dealership to manage vehicles and collaborate quickly and easily. Save time and money by keeping everyone in the loop. The Teams feature is free for all accounts with more than one user.

  • Share Vehicles, Notes & Photos
  • Activity Feeds for all Team Members
  • Cloud Sync Between Devices & Users
  • Built for your team, whatever the size.

Vehicles added to Carbly can be viewed by everyone else on the team. Anyone can comment on value, condition, recon, lot status, deal flow and more. Discuss vehicle pricing and appraisal data, or add notes and photos to collaborate with your team members. Data between mobile and desktop usage is also automatically synced, giving you the freedom to work wherever you need to.

Tiered Pricing & Multi-Book Discounts

No Contracts + 100% Risk Free Trial for 14 Days

We understand that some dealers might only need a single book; our prices are extremely competitive without any contracts or minimus and we always offer a 14 day free trial.

Ideally, using combined data sources is the best way to appraise accurately. Doing so provides a comprehensive picture of the market as evidenced when taking a look at our Guide to Appraising Vehicles. For dealers that require more data, we offer multi-book discounts.

  • Competitive rates
  • No contracts
  • Extra 5% off for 3 providers
  • Extra 10% off for 4+ providers
  • Risk free 14 Day Trial

Features Comparison of Carbly vs. Autoniq

Autoniq Carbly
Year, Make, Model Vehicle Entry without VIN
Optimized Keyboard For VIN Entry
VIN Barcode Scanner
VIN Text Scanner
Summary with Appraisal Assistant
Historical Retail Transaction Data
Create Custom Folders, Organize Vehicles, Add Notes & Photos
Chrome Browser Extension
Team Support & Collaboration
J.D. Power VIN Precision+
Modern, User-Friendly Design
Wholesale & Retail Price Trend Graph
Local Retail Price Distribution Graph
Multi-Year, All Trim, Retail Price Comparison Table
Manheim Market Report $75 $55
Black Book® $65 $55
Kelley Blue Book® $55 $55
J.D. Power Values (formerly NADA) $55 $59 Includes enhanced vehicle values and VIN decoding
Profit Guide $55 autoniq Profit Guide™ $59 Real Retail Transaction Data
CARFAX® Integration $55* FREE
AutoCheck® Integration $55* FREE
Multi-Book Discount NO YES
Potential Monthly Price with the above options selected $305.00 $257.70
Free Trial and Test Drive
Instantly available online
NO YES Try Carbly Free
"I was a 10 year user of Autoniq, and 4 year user of Laser Appraiser. Carbly is king."
Carbly includes a 14 day free trial, so you can see these benefits with zero risk.
Try Carbly for Free
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Appraisal screenshot
Valuation detail screenshot
Dealer auction screenshot

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