Carbly | Carbly vs. Autoniq: Pricing Tools for Dealers

Carbly vs. Autoniq: Pricing Tools for Dealers

A comparison of two vehicle pricing tools

A Picture Tells A Thousand Words

There are a handful of vehicle appraisal tools for mobile devices. Autoniq was one of the tools that people turned to after Vin Viper ceased operations a few years ago. At first glance, Carbly and Autoniq offer similar services for auto dealers. Let's take a look at what sets them apart.

Autoniq vs. Carbly


A lot of tools developed for mobile devices lack sophistication and can be complicated to get to grips with. Nobody likes that. The screenshots above tell a pretty compelling story. Carbly delivers a truly, modern experience with an emphasis on clean, user-friendly design. All of this means that Carbly makes it much easier and quicker to make decisions about a vehicle's value or price and intuitively guides you towards making the right decisions.

Carbly's Summary Section at the top is especially useful. It provides simple, recommended price ranges but it also highlights positive and negative things about the car or truck.

Retail Market Made Easy

The key to appraising and pricing well hinges on being completely informed about your market. You can always comb the internet to see what your competitors are listing their vehicles for, but that won't reflect the true selling price. Carbly eliminates the guesswork and provides actual historical sale transaction data for like vehicles so you know exactly what sale price to aim for and the profit you can expect.

In a constantly evolving market, live asking prices in your immediate area are critical to any decisions made regarding the value of a vehicle. As an Autoniq user, you'll be left wanting as there isn't much coverage for local retail markets. Carbly on the other hand, has a dedicated Live Local Market report. It offers an all encompassing picture of your local market, featuring the number of like vehicles in your area, their average price and mileage, median current days on lot and a suggested mileage specific retail price. And just to make sure that there aren't any unanswered questions, we provide all of that data for both CPO and non-CPO vehicles.

VIN Scanner

Autoniq scans VIN barcodes. That's old news. Carbly does that too. We know it's still a pain to locate and scan barcodes so we gave our product the ability to read VIN number text. This means that you can just point your device at another screen, a piece of paper, a VIN plate and even handwriting (if neat enough) and Carbly will automatically read the VIN for you without any fuss.

If you do happen to be one of the rare individuals that likes to type in VINs, we've thought of you too. Carbly has a quick and easy VIN optimised keyboard too. Once entered, we also made the VIN actionable so that you can easily copy/paste, text or email it just by tapping on it. These things are unique to our product and save massive amounts of time and hassle.

Features Comparison of Carbly vs. Autoniq

Autoniq Carbly
Year, Make, Model Vehicle Entry without VIN
Optimized Keyboard For VIN Entry
VIN Barcode Scanner
Historical Retail Transaction Data
VIN Text Scanner
Comprehensive Local Market Pricing Tool
Modern, User-Friendly Design
Summary with Appraisal Assistant
Free History Integration without Minimum Spend
Wholesale & Retail Price Trend Graph
Local Retail Price Distribution Graph
Multi-Year, All Trim, Retail Price Comparison Table
Appraisal Assistant & Summary, Black Book®, Kelley Blue Book®, Manheim Market Report, NADA Official Used Car Guide®, Real Retail, Live Local Market pricing and FREE vehicle history integration $360 $249
NADA Official Used Car Guide® or KBB with Appraisal Assistant & Summary, Live Local Market Pricing, Black Book®, Manheim Market Report, Real Retail and FREE vehicle history integration $295 $199
Black Book® or Manheim Market Report with NADA Official Used Car Guide®, Live Local Market pricing and FREE vehicle history integration $130 $109
Carbly includes a 14 day free trial, so you can see these benefits for yourself with zero risk.
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Combined Data Sources Paint a More Accurate Picture

We understand that some dealers might only need a single book and that is why we offer a la carte pricing with individual books starting at only $49 per month, allowing you to get only what you need.

Ideally though, using combined data sources is the best way to appraise accurately. Doing so provides a comprehensive picture of the market as evidenced when taking a look at our Guide to Appraising Vehicles. With that philosophy in mind, we created our Essentials and Pro Bundles with prices starting at $109. Whichever you choose you can be certain that you are getting all the data the job demands at an incredibly low price. Autoniq seem less concerned about providing value and don't offer bundles.

Vehicle History Integration

It takes a brave individual to buy and sell without knowing the history of a vehicle these days. Autoniq will let you integrate your vehicle history account for a fee of $55 per month or, they will integrate for free if you buy at least 2 pricing books per month. However you slice it, they are forcing you to spend over $100 per month.

We don't think that you should have to pay twice for vehicle history integration. Even if you only have one book with Carbly, integrating your vehicle history account is always FREE. As a Carbly customer then, you can benefit from insightful market data and vehicle history integration for a mere $49 per month. Autoniq just doesn't offer that sort of value.

Pricing Comparison

Good tools don't have to be expensive and that is abundantly apparent when considering Carbly's pricing.

The Ultimate Bundle is only $249 per month and includes the Appraisal Assistant & Summary Section, KBB, Black Book®, NADA Official Used Car Guide®, Manheim Market Report, Real Retail, Live Local Market and free vehicle history account integration. A selection of books like this from Autoniq would be $360 per month. Carbly Ultimate Bundle saves users $1,332 per year.

For $199 per month our Pro Bundles comprise Kelley Blue Book® or NADA Official Used Car Guide® with Appraisal Assistant & Summary Section, Black Book®, Manheim Market Report, Real Retail, Live Local Market and free vehicle history account integration. A similar selection of books from Autoniq costs $295 per month. Carbly Pro Bundle users are saving $1,152 per year and getting a better tool.

The same amazing value exists for Carbly Essentials users too. For only $109 per month, the Carbly Essentials Bundles provide Manheim Market Report or Black Book® with Live Local Market, NADA Official Used Car Guide® and free vehicle history account integration. It simply isn't possible to get the same value with Autoniq. To get the same books and vehicle history integration, you have to spend at least $130 per month. Carbly Essentials Bundles users are saving $252 per year.

With prices starting at $49 per month, Carbly gives you better data at a better price.

Learn more about what Carbly can do for your business, or start your free trial today.

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